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Arc 13 - Assumptions - Page 16
July 19, 2013

So no pressure or nothing, Colbs! You can vote to see a sketch of the next page.

Do you guys read The Hues? It's a comic updated M/W/F by Alex Heberling, creator of [the now complete] fantasy adventure Garanos. The Hues is post-apocalyptic with an awesome storyline full of kick ass heroines, so I suggest you check it out!

Alex has just started her first Kickstarter to be able to work on that awesome story of hers FULL TIME. She's going for the ultimate goal of any comic artist, so if you become a fan of hers, it's something to deeply consider. Webcomic artists often put enough time into their projects it might as well be a second job. So, why not get paid like it, if you enjoy the outcome of the work?

I bet I'm preaching to the choir though, considering how supportive so many of you are to my works. Now go read The Hues! You'll probably like it if you like What it Takes.

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