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Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 179
February 1, 2017

This conversation ties together multiple scenes: Arc 4, where Colbey is supposed to meet Peter and he never shows up; Scot's warning to Peter not to answer his phone; Toshiro being pissed Peter was thinking of proposing to Colbey; and of course, the $5 downloadable short story, The Proposal (sidebar at right).

So, for those of you keeping up, Toshiro had Peter taken off the street the night Peter was going to propose to Colbey, so that Peter wouldn't be able to bring her to the City. WElp. Not the nicest guy I guess!

In other news, all of Arc 2 has been edited! There wasn't too much I changed beyond some narrative at the beginning. For most of the action scenes, I thought it held up pretty well despite being 7 years old! Feel free to go back and refresh yourselves on how Colbey met Alex!

Lastly, SpiderForest applications are accepted from February 1-18th! . Good luck!

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