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Oh right, med school
October 5, 2017

Hey folks! Sorry for page delays. School is super kicking my butt right now, and one of my hardest exams is coming up. I'm fighting for the time to work on comic. Definitely new pages next week! In the mean time, please enjoy these wonderful and beautiful new comics that have joined SpiderForest!

Heart of Keol
: Ethan is a young man with a broken family. After an encounter with a mysterious child, he wakes up in a strange world that looks a lot like ancient Korea—except with magic. Even with all this frenzy happening around him, he can’t seem to shake off his family baggage…

Tistow: Small Trolls
: Jáhko and Veeti live out daily adventures in the nearby woods, helping fairies build houses, outwitting monsters, gathering seeds with trolls and helping wisps grow saplings. Under the guidance from Jáhko’s grandmother and the woodland spirits, the boys will learn the ways of the shaman and to respect nature.

Children of Eldair
: Koe finds a young woman held by demons, kidnapped from Earth and brought to his world by fairies. Can he help Embera get back home, and will his own world survive the journey?

Arc 20 - Regrets - Page 239
September 27, 2017


I mean--


(If you got the joke, you're my kinda people. Which may not be a good thing.)

Ok, and honestly, who is the protagonist in this story anymore? Not sure who's got the highest body count at this point.

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